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Step Weaver

I think this select is the best one in the group. In my opinion, the movement in this photo works. The man's shirt is white and contrasts with the background so your eyes probably land there first. Then the man is looking to his left, following the line on the wall made from the different colored painting, which also matches up perfectly with the trunk of the car. The bumper of the car is curved and reverts the eye to the basket next to the man. After your eyes have followed this path you begin to pick up the details of the image.

Another plus to this image is that it is very close to eye level with the man, as hes sitting down. This shows a different perspective than the other photos that were taken at regular heights.

The colors in the image work well together too, everything is pretty muted except for the car. The cars color is really vibrant compared to the rest of the image, which in some cases may attract the viewers eye first, but because there isn't much detail to the car, the eyes move along.

The bumper of the car also lines up with the color change in the wall, this creates a visual contrast. The right side of the image looks a lot more modern as if its not even the same image compared to the left side. The street and the walls are tattered and decaying.

I love everything about this image. It stood out to me when I was selecting the best one. I think this is a great example of good composition and use of color.

I believe the second best photo from the group is this one. It's much like the one i picked at the top, except the subject is looking directly at the camera instead of looking to his left.

This connects the viewer and subject. The subject is more intense and less relaxed, giving the scene more anticipation. It intrigues me to want to know what he's thinking and what he is about to do the the stuff he has in his hands.

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